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學生公寓住宿規定 The Rules of Students Dormitory
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The Rules of Students Dormitory and Commitment


In order to guarantee all the students could live in the dormitories safe and sound, you should make commitment to following things.


  1. 住宿學生要服從管理人員的管理和服務。宿舍大門早晨6:00開晚上23:00關門。早晨6:00以前、晚上23:00以后進宿舍,必須到值班室進行晚歸登記并且通報學院。

    Students should obey the management of the staff in dormitory. The gate of dorm opens at 6:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm every day. If you want to enter the dorm before 6:00 am or after 11:00 pm, you should register in the janitor's room and inform your college first.

  2. 自覺遵守來訪會客登記,不得私留他人在宿舍過夜,帶其他同性同學進樓須到值班室登記才能進樓離開后注銷。(晚上22:00之前必須離開寢室)。一般情況下男性同學、朋友不能進樓。

    You cannot invite others to stay in your dorm without permission. If you need to bring someone to your dorm, you will have to register in the janitor's room first. (Visitors must leave the dorm before 10:00 pm) No male visitors are allowed to enter the building generally speaking.

  3. 遵守借用寢室鑰匙的制度,借用人只能借用本寢室的鑰匙,不得借用其他寢室的鑰匙。要注意保管好自己的鑰匙,不要隨便借給其他人,以免發生寢室物品失竊。

    You may only borrow the key to your own dorm when you need. Borrowing keys to other dorms is not allowed. When you leave your dorm, don’t forget to lock the door and take care of your key. Do not lend your key to others, in case your belongings would be missing.

  4. 寢室內不能吸煙、喝酒、打麻將及大聲喧嘩,不能使用違禁電器如電水壺、電飯煲、小電爐、取暖器、電熱毯等。

    Students can not drink, smoke, gamble, or make big noise in the dorm. Besides, do not use banned electrical appliances (such as electric kettle, electric blanket, rice cooker, electric stove or heater)

  5. 愛護公物,不擅自搬出或調換寢室家具;不在墻上亂涂、亂畫、亂張貼;不得拆卸、損壞消防安全設施。

    Students should take good care of public properties. You cannot move or change the furniture in your dorm without permission. No painting or sticking on the walls. You cannot damage and fire facilities.


    If you disobey these rules, you will get a warning for the first time and report to your college for the second time. You will be expelled from the dorm if you make serious trouble.


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